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Alternative energy solutions

Alternative energy solutions are a field where we can assist a client from a basic solution to a more advance commercial solution. IPS focus on PV solar, Hydro power, Wind Power and Waste to Energy solutions. We can also offer client generator and UPS solutions.

Electrical division

is also a discipline in our company where we take pride in our work. Our strengths lie in the domestic and industrial building sectors and we offer services including, electrical servicing, maintenance, testing, systems integration and emergency power systems.

Smart metering division

In this division we manage the client’s energy and water consumption. We work together with landlords, property developers and body corporates to maintain their investment and to ensure that the billing is correct, theft of water and electricity is kept down to a minimum and that the systems runs effectively. We also schedule regular maintenance and do inspection where the system indicates possible issues or alerts.

Network / IT Division

IPS is also a network cable installation company that does ethernet and fiber installations in and around Cape Town. Our experienced team will design and implement an affordable, yet future-proof network to meet the demands of modern day computing and communications in your home or office. We also supply and install a wide range of switches and have an in-house IT specialist.

Adding value

How can we can add value to your business?

In addition to providing strategy and structure to progress a specific project we add greater value in other ways:

What experience do we have?

Our team of associates are highly experienced in their fields of expertise, which is considered necessary to deliver any project. These include the following disciplines:

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